You got a favorite chair?

This morning I happened to remember that a friend once asked me "Julie, what do you mean when you tell us to 'sit at the foot of the cross?'" I remembered this because I was sitting there! Why was I sitting there? Because...

The cross of Jesus Christ is everything.  Not only does it represent the most pivotal moment in all of human history (and consequently the cornerstone of Christianity) but it clarifies the gospel message to a needy world.  

Let me explain.

Sin is serious business. Rebellion and deceit and arrogance (and gossip and bitterness and debauchery and jealousy and…) stand in direct opposition to a holy and righteous God. The cross, and Jesus's death on it for sinners, symbolizes the necessary payment required for our mutiny against God. 

Again, don't take sin lightly. Don't minimize it or justify it. "It" literally cost Jesus his life!

Wow. Well, thank heavens God's LOVE for sinners is equal to his WRATH against sin.

The moment Adam sinned in the garden of Eden, bringing death and distruction to all mankind, was the same moment God set in motion a plan to redeem the world through the perfect sacrifice of his only son.

So, in a nutshell: 

 If I want to know how much God hates sin, I look at the cross. Simultaneously, if I want to know how much God loves me, I look at the cross.

THIS is why I was sitting beneath it this morning. Where else would I be? It's only there that I'll find forgiveness of sin, love unrelenting and life everlasting.

Where are you sitting right now? 





Julie Tate