Hello friends,

I love the Lord and have this deep desire in my heart to help others learn how to love him deeply as well.  He placed me in a godly home with godly parents and I came to know, at a young age, that he's the One who could save my sinful little soul if only I'd receive his free gift of salvation...no strings attached. And so I did!

I grew up in the Seattle area, graduated from college with a BA in Communications and Music, married my high school sweetheart and then moved to the Washington DC area when my husband was elected to the United States Congress.  During this time, while raising two small children AND learning how to be a congressional spouse, I got involved in many activities that not only drew me closer to Christ but established in my heart a life-long need to teach, shepherd, exhort, love and encourage women. So, I began teaching Bible studies, leading worship, discipling women and mentoring young mothers.  Next I got to minister to larger groups of women by speaking at retreats and conferences. I even got to take some seminary courses (while parenting two teenagers!) in an effort to get an M.A. in Biblical Studies (I'm not there yet but still working on it).

At this point in my life, I'm drinking from a spiritual firehose as God refines me via a prolonged illness.  He's ever faithful though because, through this illness, he's inspired me to use this time to write about what he's teaching me.  And trust me, it's intense!  My blog posts since early June of 2016 provide a running account of what I'm being taught.  It's actually amazing and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.

I'd love for you to check out my blog and travel with me on this journey. There's so much there to learn...for all of us.  My hope is that, if God allows, I'll take these posts and turn them into something to reach people in a broader way.  For now though, I'm still waiting for God's direction.  Also, you might be interested in a wonderful project I had the privilege of being a part of several years ago. I was the featured speaker/singer for a commercially-available 5-set DVD series called Know Him Through Hymn™.  Although the title is self-explanatory, you can find more info on the home page or communicate with me directly on the contact page.

Presently, at home in Northern Virginia, I've suddenly become an empty-nester! Consequently, my husband and I are prayerfully considering what God has for us next.  In the meantime, I will continue to write and quilt and speak and teach wherever and whenever God allows.  I hope you'll come along with me.