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How God invites us to participate in His plan for our lives.

True Things

The truest things about you are the things God says about you.


New Clothes

“I will take out your stony heart of flesh and give you a new heart with new and right desires.” Ezekiel 36:26

What’s God Really Like?

A well-rounded relationship with God requires a thoughtful, balanced understanding of His character.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

“Both good and bad things come from the hand of the Most High God.” Lamentations 3:38


“It’s for freedom’s sake that Christ (died to) set you free.” Galatians 5:1

Spending Time with God: Attitude or Activity?

“The devotion I have for the keeper of my heart is the attitude that sustains me throughout the day.”

I Live to Know You

Choosing to put the Lord and His priorities first.


Christ-like forgiveness is the key that will unlock your hurts, cleanse your wounds and let you go free to love unconditionally and serve Christ completely.

Learning to Abide

How discipline and pruning determine our ability to “abide in Christ.”

The Four D’s: Developing Intimacy with Christ

Nuts and bolts for developing Christ-like, daily habits.

Seduce-proofing your Christian Walk

What are you susceptible to? What distracts you from being a fully devoted follower of Christ?

Obedience Brings Blessing

Realizing God’s blessing through surrendered living.

Giving God the “Run of the House.”

“Let His words dwell richly … giving them the run of the house…” Colossians 3:16


Weekend Retreat Topics

A Woman after God's Own heart

Are you a woman after God's own heart? It's possible you know. If you allow God to grow in your heart while daily staying "clean and surrendered," you too can become a woman with passion, confidence and peace of mind: A woman with a heart like God's.

Fall Fresh on ME

We all need a fresh start. Sometimes it's good to examine what we're doing and why we're doing it. We need to ponder our commitment to the body of Christ and see how we might involve ourselves; we need to re-ignite our daily time with the Lord and we need to consider prayer and the revitalization it brings to our lives. Fresh starts are what God is all about. Let Him help you today.

Fully Relying on God

What has to happen in order for us to fully rely on God? It's easy:  A womanfully devoted to God is a woman who can fully rely on God. Devotion is the key. A fully devoted woman has a well-rounded relationship with God; she understands sin and its destructive power in her life; she takes the necessary steps to stay close to Jesus and she embraces the freedom God has in mind for her.

An Invitation for Renewal

God invites us to be new... again. He wants us to drink deeply from His well of Living Water; He wants our hearts to be spiritually healed; He wants us to connect with Him in a new and refreshing way and He wants to be in charge of our hearts and our homes. Even if you have to start all over againevery day, why not take God up on His offer?

Success...from God's Perspective

Biblical success is radically different from the type of success the world craves. A woman seeking to be successful in God's eyes is a woman who seeks God intentionally - from right where she is as a mother, a wife, an employee or a daughter; this woman stays connected to Jesus and keeps her heart clean and free from sin, and this woman keeps her priorities straight by giving God the run of her home and her heart. This woman, the woman seeking biblical success, is the woman who will find true peace and contentment on a daily basis.