Lessons from Sunday Brunch

OK. I gotta tell on myself once again (insert emoji frown face). Hopefully the lesson learned is worth the embarrassment. 

Sunday brunch was great. We had a table outside in the glorious fall sunshine. Our server was hard-working and full of spunk. The food was delicious and the football game was on. Everything was perfect...except for one thing. Seated next to us was a group of people watching a different game who had at least 6 small children. The children weren't doing anything wrong however they were acting like small children in a restaurant not suited for small children. Get the picture?

Enter me: A woman who felt she had the right to eat and watch football in peace. I'd secured the perfect football-watching, brunch-eating location (outdoor fire pit included) and I was paying good money for my food. These parents needed to get their kids under control so I could get back to doing what I wanted to do: Eat my food and watch my game in peace! Good grief!

Enter Jesus: A man who actually HAD the right to do whatever he wanted to do (he’s GOD in human flesh, for goodness sake) but instead gave up his right to peace in heaven so that I could have peace on earth. A man who, in the moment of my selfishness gently whispered in my ear “Julie...Julie...honey...imagine if I treated you as you are now treating these dear families next to you? Have you never been self-indulgent yourself? Have you always parented your children perfectly? Have you ever needed grace from others in an awkward situation?”

Re-enter me: An embarrassed in front of myself woman in need of grace once again. 'Oh Lord, I'm so sorry. My entitlement and self-righteousness must break your ever-merciful heart. Please forgive my unkindness toward these neighbors of mine and help me to model to them your unconditional love and grace to me.’

Get the picture?

Side note: Jesus' whisper in my ear came in the form of my husband's voice sitting next to me by the fire pit. 'Oh Lord...help me to never reject the kind and timely admonition of my spouse. He was right and it was good that I listened.’



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