MORE than I can count...

Wanna know about Jesus? Read the first 18 verses of the New Testament book of John. There are so many doctrinal facts that I wouldn't dare try to explain them (my finite brain can barely take the facts in!). However, here's what was highlighted for me this morning by the penetrating power of the Holy Spirit; a verse underscored for me in spite of my lack of eagerness to even open my Bible. 

Verse 16 says For of His fullness we have all received grace upon grace. Grace upon grace...what a concept. Getting a gift we don't deserve over and over (and over and over). A different translation says it like this:  ...from him we all received one gift after another. Here are my gifts:

  • Endless mercy (Mercy = NOT getting what I deserve. Man, I need this...DAILY!)
  • Forgiveness and cleansing whenever I ask (again...DAILY!)
  • Unconditional love from God Himself (he doesn't need or ask me to perform in order to get this love. Its extravagantly offered BEFORE I ever even knew it was there)
  • Acceptance into heaven not based on WHO I am or the WORK I've done (because I could NEVER, EVER do enough to earn his favor) but entrance based on the WORK his son, Jesus Christ did FOR me on the cross (he paid the penalty for my sin because I couldn't)
  • Patience with me every day in spite of my continued disobediences (how is it that over and over I'm forgiven and forgiven and given grace upon grace? How can it be?)
  • The Holy Spirit's help, comfort, intervention and intercession (where would I be if he wasn't interceding for me before God the Father AND praying words FOR me that I wouldn't even know to pray?)
  • A husband and two semi-adult children who love Jesus and agree with every word I've typed above.
  • A spouse who loves me and cares for me bountifully in the midst of continued illness

I could go on and on but instead, why don't you take a turn? In fact, if you want, you could email ME with your list so I could celebrate His goodness with you...